Device Enrollment Program now available through Digital Generation

Deployment of corporate-owned devices in no longer a manual configuration process. Users can get fully setup devices straight out of the box.

Five key benefits to know about DEP.

1. Zero-touch MDM enrollment.

With the Device Enrollment Program from Apple organizations can unbox a device and easily enroll it into MDM without having to go through the traditional enrollment process.

2. Wireless supervision.

Businesses can “supervise” their enrolled devices, and unlock advanced control features to add a further security level to their device management.

3. Lockable MDM profiles.

With the Device Enrollment Program, devices are locked into MDM and forced to maintain compliance and further ensuring device security.

4. Mandatory MDM enrollment.

Mandatory MDM enrollment guarantees that any device activated and in use is enrolled into MDM.

5. Streamlined Setup.

With the new Device Enrollment Program, MDM enrollment prompts during activation can now be tailored to display your IT support number as well as relevant department information.

How to activate DEP and obtain a customer ID


Step 1:  Navigate to

Step 2:  Click Enrol in DEP

Step 3:  Fill out the necessary fields to submit to Apple to obtain a Customer ID.

If you would like a business consultant to contact you about DEP, please complete the below form