Exceptional customer care is a core DG value and we consider it both a strategic imperative and a vital cornerstone that supports our continued success. As such, we have invested massively into ensuring that, without fail, our clients enjoy the service and support they require, and deserve.

Central to this delivery of consistently excellent service is the DG Call Centre. The facility is manned by experienced consultants with a passion for serving clients and the extensive, ongoing training to deliver world-class service every time. The support offered by our call centre typically includes:

  • assisting customers with their mobile device procurement process
  • handling queries with respect to device collection or delivery
  • facilitating returns and cancellations
  • processing out-of-box failures
  • facilitating device and software support
  • escalating complaints and queries to manufacturers
  • any other assistance required within the parameters of DG’s involvement with the respective client

Given this extensive basket of services, delivered by our experienced and trusted consultants, many of our clients depend on the DG call centre to be the first point of contact for their customers who require help or support.


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