DG provides expert consulting services aimed at transforming the needs and vision of our clients into efficient and sustainable solutions. Our dedicated teams of highly experienced consultants, partner with our clients to deliver a full-service, holistic and integrated solution based on in-depth investigation into the business needs and expectation.

The Consulting Team is supported by DG’s Professional and Technical Teams all of which work closely together to deliver an accurate, effective and efficient solution built on market leading insight and world-class technology and systems. The proven, outcomes-focused DG consulting process typically includes the following four stages:


The Consulting Team works closely with the client to immerse themselves in the business and fully understand the business’ needs. This usually includes extensive engagements with all stakeholders through meetings, workshops, assessment questionnaires, etc.

Typically, the assessment process includes:

  • Data Centre Assessment
  • Virtualisation Assessment
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Backup and Recovery Assessment

    The assessment phase enables the Consulting Team to clearly define the current state and identify the desired end state. Based on this, the design phase begins with the development of a comprehensive, step-by-step plan on how to move from the current status to the desired end state.

    Typically, the design phase can include:

    • Data Centre Design
    • Server/Storage Design
    • Network Design
    • Disaster Design
    • Infrastructure Design

    To successfully implement the designed solution, DG’s specialist and technical teams collaborate to ensure accurate and efficient delivery of the agreed solution. This team comprises skilled and experienced Project Managers and Engineers who are very familiar with the technology and its effective implementation and integration into existing business systems.

    Implementation of the solution most often involves one or more of the following:

    • Data Centre Implementation
    • Virtualisation Implementation
    • Infrastructure Implementation
    • Office 365 Implementation

    DG’s involvement in any client solution does not end when that solution has been successfully implemented. We continue to partner with the client to deliver full support and advisory services both on-site and via our professionally staffed contact centre. 

    DG’s full service support offering includes:

    • Call Centre / Helpdesk

    Onsite / Remote Technical Support

    In 2017, DG and ICE partnered to bring to market, modern data centre design, build and management. Our objective is to improve system and application reliability and reduce data centre operational expenses by providing a broad set of features used across multiple roles with the data centre environment.

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