DG has enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Dell through with the companies work closely together to deliver innovative, value-adding solutions to their shared customers.

The partnership with Dell goes back almost as far as DG’s establishment in 1999 and sees us acting as a procurer and supplier of Dell products to numerous South African business as part of our comprehensive ICT business model.

The proven success of the Dell partnership has been a key contributor to DG’s continued growth as a preferred IT fulfilment and consultancy provider to a range of organisations in diverse South African industries, particularly, financial services, health, hospitality and engineering.

In 2017, DG was awarded Dell Titanium Partner status. This comes on the back of a number of years as a Dell EMEA Partner and demonstrates the value that Dell places on DG’s innovative, partnership-driven approach.

The success of the relationship between DG and Dell lies in its symbiotic nature. It allows DG to make a valuable contribution to the continued expansion of Dell’s rapidly expanding global footprint while at the same time enabling the continued growth DG as a leading provider of innovative IT solutions in South Africa.

Ultimately, the partnership benefits clients of DG and Dell the most in that it ensures the two organisations work closely together to offer them the best product selection, backed by the most reliable warranties and after-sales support.