Why Choose Dell?

In today’s fast-moving digital economy, the sheer volume of data generation within organizations is staggering, and often overwhelming. Add in incredibly rapid technology advances, and it’s very easy for any business – especially if it wasn’t born digital – to get left behind.
Enterprises urgently need to evolve and adapt, simply to survive.

Businesses need to optimize their IT operations in line with application workloads. They can do this by realizing the benefits of an optimized IT infrastructure.

Making the move to optimize their IT allows organizations of all sizes and in all sectors to optimize performance, simplicity, the cloud experience, data mobility and placement, data management, and real-time intelligence. Enterprises that optimize their IT are able to improve operational efficiency, enhance business agility, and optimize service predictability – while also reducing costs.

Dells Offerings include:

Take control of your cloud with Dell Technologies Cloud

Help your organizations architect a winning multi-cloud IT strategy built around familiar tools and existing skillsets that enables you to unlock better business outcomes. Leveraging Dell Technologies Cloud, you can help improve your cloud experience by unifying edge, private, and public clouds with consistent infrastructure and operations.

With Dell Technologies Cloud delivering a consistent management experience across all their clouds, you can enjoy the benefits of simplified operations and improved cloud economics, plus single-vendor support, and all the versatility and control of a fully integrated cloud platform.

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Move quickly without disruption

Embrace new cloud operating models without stalling innovation.

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Drive consistency across all their clouds

Lower management overhead and simplify cloud processes with a common experience.

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Build on reliable and secure infrastructure

Reduce risk and deliver high service levels, with enterprise grade solutions that extend to public cloud.

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Sustain innovation with flexible cloud solutions

Protect their investment with an adaptable solution that meets their evolving business needs

Help take the Pressure off your IT budget with Digital Generation and flexible, innovative payment and consumption solutions from Dell Technologies

About Dell Financial Services

Dell Financial Services (DFS), part of the Dell Technologies family, is a global provider of innovative payment and consumption solutions.

  • DFS supports all customers, from consumers to small businesses up to the largest global corporations.
  • DFS can finance any hardware, software and services solutions, allowing customers to choose how they want to consume their technology.

Delivering end to end solutions.

Payment Flexibility Program

Why Leverage Payment Solutions?

Optimise Payment Solutions

Our trusted advisors can tailor one or more of our payment solutions to your needs so you run and grow your business.

Ease Budget Constraints

Reduce capital expenses and free up budgets for digital transformation with flexible payment solutions.

Increase efficiency

Unlike a cash purchase, flexible payment transactions are more fluid. Your infrastructure becomes more nimble, and grows when needed without relying on a fixed, capital budget or line item approvals.

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