Active Care helps IT achieve optimal uptime and fast resolution support on HP devices and brings with it accelerated problem diagnosis and remediation, helping users get up and running quickly.

Optimize PC uptime with predictive, proactive analytics that let IT know the condition of every PC in their fleet.  HP quickly identifies issues when and where they occur, orders replacement parts, and installs them as needed.

Get fast, reliable response and issue resolution, even as remote work grows.

Avoid potential productivity slowdowns with HP’s Automatic Case Generation.

Take advantage of predictive analytics and proactive ticketing, powered by HP Tech Pulse.

Improve your employee experience and total cost of ownership

HP Active Care is one part of HP Lifecycle Services, which provides the most reliable and trusted way to keep your devices working optimally and your employees happy— because when the PC isn’t working, neither is the employee. Rely on HP Lifecycle Services to provide the expertise and solutions you need while reducing the total ownership cost of your PC investment for deploying, maintaining, and renewing your entire fleet.

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