In modern times, having an online presence is a non-negotiable component of any successful business strategy. Without it, very few organisations are able to remain competitive or sustainable in the long-term. The internet has essentially created an entirely new digital economy, which in many respects has far surpassed the traditional bricks and mortar business models and continues to grow exponentially.

In 2015, DG established DG Online as another offering aimed at enabling its clients to maintain their competitiveness in the fast changing IT environment. While few businesses possess the resources to establish their own online presence, DG Online makes this entirely possible. In fact, we make it easy. That’s because DG Online leverages DG’s many invaluable partnerships to provide its clients with a custom-branded, secure and user-friendly e-commerce portal stocked with pre-selected products and supported by a dedicated contact centre, and full warehousing and logistics services.

Our professional and experienced DG Online team not only builds each e-Commerce site to clients’ specifications, but also facilitates the product selection, secures discounts, manages the portal and ensures customers enjoy an exceptional service experience.

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DG Education Online

 “Bring your own device” (BYOD) refers to a technology model that allows students to bring their own devices to school for learning in the classroom. However, it has since gained traction in the education sector with an increasing number of schools around South Africa choosing to implement their own BYOD policies, by preselecting laptops and tablets that meet the schools requirements.

As an education solutions provider, DG offers schools the opportunity to have their own personalised technology e-commerce store. These stores are build to meet the school’s brand guide and products are preselected and approved by the school to ensure parents are purchasing the correct products.

 Benefits of going online with DG :

  • Technology is standardized and controlled
  • Products are selected to best suit grade requirements
  • Parents find comfort in purchasing approved school products
  • School receives a rebate on all purchases made via the store
  • School exposure and advertising space

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