As a full-service ICT solutions provider, DG’s Performance Centre offers secure warehousing, comprehensive logistics, asset management and disposal services and call centre-based support. All of which is focused on delivering comprehensive product lifecycle management that adds value to your business and its customers.


DG has access to multiple locations and distribution centres across South Africa, all of which are available to our clients for the efficient distribution of products. Our Midrand Performance Centre is our centralised hub for secure warehousing, stock management, and in-house logistics. It also houses our dedicated call centre that delivers an additional layer of service excellence.

All warehousing is governed by tested and proven quality control processes that ensure the highest levels of service and security are maintained. Our Midrand warehouse is monitored by 24/7 CCTV connected to armed response via an early warning security system. The facility is located within a secured warehousing estate that has a permanent security presence on site. A dedicated power management solution is also in place in the event of electricity blackouts or failures.

Thanks to DG’s extensive industry relationships and partnerships, we are able to source and deliver an extensive range of products, within excellent timeframes and at competitive prices. We are also able to handle the full procurement lifecycle on behalf of our clients if required to do so.

DG also has extensive experience with stock demand forecasting and stock acquisition plans. We apply this expertise to work closely with many of our clients in order to ensure accurate stock management and forecasting. This forecasting service is informed by the extensive intelligence DG receives from its global partners regarding new product developments and trends as well as upcoming product launches.



Our highly reputable logistics providers share our commitment to absolute customer satisfaction in terms of delivery of ordered products. In addition, our dedicated reverse logistics team ensures the timeous collection of any out-of-box failures or other product returns. Read more about our logistics and revers logistics offering


The effective control and management of stock is an essential part of a successful supply chain. DG’s integrated asset management services cover all aspects of stock control on behalf of its clients, including:

  • Bringing new stock into the environment and dispatching new stock;
  • MIS reporting, including stock on hand, stock deployed and other required reporting;
  • Receiving of existing assets from the environment for the purpose of re-deployment, storage and environmentally responsible disposal;
  • Maintaining an accurate asset trail; and
  • Facilitating warranty and repair management;

In addition to existing standalone asset management systems that can be implemented immediately, DG is able to develop systems that integrate seamlessly with any of the existing systems of its clients and include any unique reporting requirements.

Asset Management