HP EliteBook Series are Safer, Smarter and Secured

HP has developed technology for the healthcare industry and has reimagined healthcare tech to put the doctor, clinician and patient needs before anything else.


Be ready for the next patient with EMI certified PCs and printers, and sanitizable PCs and displays


Simplify logins and authentication with HP EliteBook series PCs, displays, and MFDs.


Patient data security and supporting HIPAA requirements are integral to your business. Secure PC and printer data at the highest level with HP EliteBook devices.


Always Clean

All HP EliteBook are designed to be wiped down using many commonly available household disinfecting and cleaning wipes using the HP cleaning guidelines.

Disinfection effectiveness comes from the application and the microbial effectiveness of the wipe & the cleaning solution.


Why are HP EliteBooks sanitizable?

  • Tested to withstand 1,000 cleaning cycles with select household wipes
  • Outer surfaces made of anodized Aluminum or Magnesium with UV hardened paint and are tested for repeated cleaning with select household wipes
  • All the keyboards on EliteBook notebooks have a “Duracoat” coatings on the keys to allow for repeated cleaning.
  • Textured cover glass on all Touchpad, again tested for repeated cleaning.
  • LCD screens are tested to withstand 1,000 of routine cleanings with select household wipes1

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