Specialised Asset Services

We believe in adding value to your business and your clients by delivering comprehensive product lifecycle management services. These include:

  • Secure warehousing
  • Comprehensive logistics
  • Asset management and disposal services
  • Asset Imaging


Digital Generation has access to multiple locations and distribution centres throughout South Africa, but our centralised hub for stock management, and in-house logistics is located at our Midrand Performance Centre. All our warehousing is run according to proven quality control processes to maintain the highest possible levels of service and security.


We only work with trusted logistics providers who share our commitment to absolute client satisfaction and the on-time and correct delivery of products. They are supported by our equally dedicated reverse logistics team that ensures the timeous collection of products with out-of-box failures, as well as any other product returns.

Asset Management And Disposal

The effective control and management of stock is a critical component of any successful supply chain. Our integrated asset management services include:

  • Receiving and dispatching new stock.
  • MIS reporting, including stock on hand, stock deployed, and any other required
  • Receiving of existing assets for re-deployment, storage or environmentally responsible disposal.
  • Maintaining an accurate asset trail.
  • Facilitating warranty and repair management.

In addition to standard standalone asset management systems, which are available immediately, we also develop bespoke systems to integrate seamlessly with your unique systems and reporting requirements.

Asset Imaging

Most businesses use whatever operating system is already on the computers they purchase, instead of using a standardised workstation image. This can be a risky and expensive practice, potentially exposing your system to hackers and malware attacks. Fortunately, implementing a standard workstation image can improve system security and reduce your IT costs.

What Is Workstation, or Asset Imaging?

Asset imaging is the process of capturing all the data and software from one computer or device and copying it onto another computer. This is usually done when you buy a new computer or other device, restore an existing one to its factory (original) state, or take the system of a damaged machine back to a time before the damage occurred.

Businesses should make use of this practice at least once a quarter to minimise the number of additional configuration changes or system updates that have to be made, as well as to improve their security.

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