EcoFlow: Making portable backup power effortless for everyone

Backup power solutions come in handy for loadshedding, camping, working on the go, and a variety of other situations.

However, consumers usually have to settle on a trade-off between convenience, longevity, simplicity, and reliability.

South Africans have needed to rely on backup power solutions for years, but still struggle to find consumer-friendly solutions that don’t require us to know how to handle lead acid battery connections. Many options that do provide plug-and-play simplicity can only power a router or charge a few devices for a limited time.

However, EcoFlow changes the game completely, providing devices that are easy to use and don’t require any technical know-how…


How EcoFlow is different

EcoFlow’s portable power stations use lithium-ion batteries – the same rechargeable batteries you find in smartphones and laptops. This means you don’t have to worry about connecting car batteries to an inverter, or maintaining a minimum charge to prevent damage to the battery.

With lead acid batteries, discharging below 50% irreversibly damages their capacity. However, with lithium-ion batteries, you can let them fully discharge.

Besides the convenience of their charging technology, EcoFlow power stations also favour portability.

This means that you can use them for a variety of scenarios and not only when loadshedding is announced. Whether you want to power devices outdoors in your garden for a braai, bring some electronic gadgets along on your next camping trip, or need to work while on a road trip, EcoFlow’s power solutions have you covered.

Thanks to the company’s X-Stream technology, these power stations also charge extremely quickly – meaning you don’t have to wait an entire day to fill the battery up. When charging the power stations from an AC wall outlet, you can expect to see them charge from 0% to 80% within one hour, reaching a full charge in two hours.

The screens on the power stations also make it easy to monitor how much battery power is left, taking the guesswork out of charging.

Here’s a look at the range of EcoFlow devices on offer and how they make backup power simpler for the ordinary consumer…


EcoFlow River Power Stations

The EcoFlow River series of portable power stations provide a convenient power solution that’s easy to transport, can power up to 10 devices at one time, and accepts a variety of charging sources.

This makes it a perfect companion for travelling, even allowing you to charge it with a solar charger or a car charger.

For short trips where you only need to charge up or power small devices, the 288Wh Ecoflow River Mobile Power Station proves to be a lightweight solution, weighing only 5kg and measuring around the size of a toaster.

If you need your power supply to last longer, the EcoFlow River Max version ups its capacity to 576Wh. Considering it can power a TV for four to eight hours, it’s also a useful solution for people working from home who need to ensure that their laptop and internet devices stay powered during loadshedding.

You can also opt for the 720Wh EcoFlow River Pro, which maintains portability. It has the same features as other River devices, but with additional battery capacity.

The River, River Max, River Pro, as well as the compatible solar panels, all support connectivity with the EcoFlow app. This smart functionality adds to the range’s appeal, visualising the power levels of your station and allowing you to remotely control a variety of functions.


EcoFlow Delta Mobile Power Stations

The EcoFlow Delta range focuses on providing long-lasting and robust power solutions – acting as plug-and-play battery-powered generators. They retain their mobility, but aren’t as lightweight as the River devices.

The built-in inverter technology means you don’t have to buy a separate inverter or spend time figuring out the technicalities of these devices. Rather, you can enjoy fast charging, overload protection, and wide compatibility.

You also don’t need to deal with a noisy motor or fumes from a petrol generator to get long-lasting power during loadshedding.

If you just want to power a few devices, you can choose the standard EcoFlow Delta 1260Wh device. It can supply power for up to 13 devices at once. With its battery capacity, you can expect it to power a TV for eight hours or fridge for six hours.

The Delta Max with a 1612Wh capacity increases its battery power while also including Wi-Fi functionality. The Delta Max range also has app support, allowing you to control and monitor the device with the EcoFlow app.

If you’re looking for a really robust solution, there’s also the Delta Max power station with a 2016Wh capacity.It can power a TV for 15 hours and a fridge for 11 hours. If you are working outside and want to power your tools, you can also get up to 1.3 hours of power for a 1400W circular saw.


Flexibility with top up batteries

If the convenience of portability, fast charging, and high compatibility weren’t enough, EcoFlow’s power stations have another trick up their sleeves – support for additional batteries.

This takes the stress out of choosing which capacity you need for your power station, since you have the option to expand.

For the River range, the River Extra Battery and River Pro Extra Battery allow you to double the capacity of their respective power stations. They also feature app support, a handy feature for monitoring the devices.

For the Delta range, the Delta Max Extra Battery adds an additional 2016Wh. You can also use two of these batteries with the Delta Max station, bringing the total capacity of the bigger station and add-ons to 6048Wh. Like the corresponding station, it supports the EcoFlow app.


Your partner in the business

Digital Generation has partnered up with EcoFlow, to bring innovation to its clients. “We wanted to offer our client’s a product that was not only efficient, cost effective and essential in today’s world, but one that was modern looking with the ability to expand its capability.” says Michelle Budde, Marketing Manager of Digital Generation.


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