Tap into the power of free learning with Digital Generation and HP LIFE

People have a built-in drive to explore, discover, learn and grow. It’s a human trait that exists in every one of us, and following that drive by making the time to learn is one of the most valuable investments anyone can make in themselves and their future.

Some experts refer to this ongoing personal education as “lifelong learning”. In business circles, it’s often called upskilling. But it doesn’t matter what you call it, what matters is that you invest the time to do it. That’s especially true for entrepreneurs, business owners, employers and employees. Being a lifelong learner, instilling a culture of lifelong learning in your business, and making learning and upskilling opportunities available to your employees are some of the most effective ways of ensuring your organisation is primed for consistently good performance and sustainable growth. Especially in today’s challenging operating environment.

Key to business success

After two years of massive shifts in the global business landscape, building a learning-focused, agile and adaptable business has never been more important, or more valuable, than it is today. Unfortunately many people and businesses overlook the value of upskilling because they believe that the high costs of education put it out of their reach. As an HP Platinum Partner, Digital Generation (DG) is committed to changing this perception. DG has always recognised the vital role that education and skills training has to play, not only in enabling people and businesses to achieve their full potential, but also to help drive the sustainable transformation of South Africa by building a skilled workforce that can make the maximum contribution to the country’s economic growth and development.

Harness the full power of learning

HP LIFE is a free IT and business skills training programme aimed at entrepreneurs, business owners and all lifelong learners. The innovative learning programme from one of the world’s leading ICT companies, HP, makes quality education and skills training accessible and freely available to all. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to expand your business knowledge, an employer looking to provide solid learning opportunities to your staff, or an employee who wants to power up your career progress, HP LIFE has the business-skills courses you need to achieve your goals.

HP LIFE consults and works closely with its business partners and various experts around the world to create its comprehensive business-focused courses. There are more than 30 of these modular and interactive courses available on the HP LIFE online platform at www.life-global.org/go/amplify to help anyone build the skills they need to achieve the future they want. Course content ranges from effective business communication and marketing to financial, operational and talent management, strategic planning and design thinking, and business start-up guidance.

Get your upskilling journey under way

The online courses can be accessed on any device using a Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Microsoft Edge browser. The enrolment process is quick and easy, and users can complete their chosen courses at their own pace, keeping track of their progress along the way. A Certificate of Completion is available for download immediately on completion of all the modules in each course.

The quality and value of the HP LIFE offering is evident from the fact that hundreds of thousands of people across the world have improved their skills or learned new ones on the platform since it first launched in 2016. HP LIFE has a vision of enrolling at least a million users by 2025. If you’re an entrepreneur, employer or employee who wants to be among those million people who are building their skills and enhancing their futures, go to www.life-global.org/go/amplify and sign up with HP LIFE today.

Important: When you create your HP LIFE online profile as part of the registration process, please be sure to choose DG Store in the field: “How did you hear about HP LIFE?”