As The Need For Affordable, Sustainable Tech Procurement Grows, Leasing Is The Solution

There’s a common misperception amongst many business owners that leasing equipment is more expensive than buying it outright, but the opposite is in fact true – particularly when a business requires advanced technology that can become obsolete very quickly, leaving you with a massive capital expense that is depreciating fast. That’s according to Vishnu Naidoo, Business Development Executive at Digital Generation (DG), who explains that an affordable, well-structured leasing program can amplify the value that digital technology adds to your business over time.

“A lease agreement like that offered by DG and Innovent, allows you to quickly acquire the technology that you need, without large capex outlays,” Naidoo says, “making it an effortless and cost-effective means to enhance your operations by means of a variety of worldwide technology brands, while also providing an array of value adds from professional client service to device tracking and sustainable procurement and end-of-life disposal methods.”

Shayne Wright, Sales Manager at Innovent agrees and points out that real value of any digital asset isn’t the asset itself, but rather the use a business is able to get out of that asset in order to support its growth and success.

A lease agreement enables businesses to obtain the technology it requires without significant capital outlay,” Wright says, “and the leasing program, provided by DG and Innovent offers the added benefit of access to a broad range of world-leading business-focused products from global brands like Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung, supported by two local IT and finance solutions providers with impeccable reputations for innovation, asset optimisation and superior service.”

Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of the leasing options, which come with end-to-end product management and servicing, including device swap-outs should any of the leased devices incur a fault during the lease period.

“That means your business not only benefits from global OEM reliability, but there’s less risk of employee downtime due to technical issues, because DG will immediately replace or repair any faulty device,” Vishnu explains.

Wright highlights this aspect of effective risk management as a key benefit of the leasing options offered by Innovent and DG. “In addition to reducing the potential for employee downtime due to technical issues, the lease arrangements are structured to manage a business’s risk of incurring hidden costs and being exposed to security threats, as the assets are kept fully up to date and within all warranty requirements.”

In addition to asset leasing and management, businesses that take advantage of the leasing options from DG and Innovent also have the option of accessing a proudly South African asset tracking and management tool, V-Track, which ensures efficient management of IT assets through discovery and tracking. This IT asset tracking solution is scalable and affordable, providing clients with automatic and efficient inventory management that can be tailored to their business’s evolving needs.

“As sustainability and innovation become increasingly intertwined, companies are moving away from traditional procurement practices towards more sustainable approaches that benefit both their businesses and the planet,” Naidoo says, “and leasing is a compelling option given that it prioritises a product’s lifespan through a product-as-a-service approach, rather than seeing each piece of technology as a one-time purchase.”

He points out that this means businesses are focused on keeping their tech products in use for as long as possible, and a lease agreement, supported by lifespan-enhancing service and maintenance, ensures the business gets the most out of their technology for the longest possible time. And equally importantly, dispose of that technology when it eventually reaches the end of its useful life, in a sustainable way that contributes positively to reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

“In a world where businesses must contemplate expenses, service, and worldwide implications, DG is an unparalleled partner,” Wright emphasises, “and Innovent offers the innovative means by with to take full advantage of all the advantages a well-structured leasing agreement affords your business.”.

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