What Is Sustainable Technology?

It is more important than ever that the technology we depend on so heavily can be produced, utilized, repaired, and disposed of, all in ways that aren’t harmful to the people or natural environment involved.

Sustainable technology is a broad term that encompasses two concepts: technology that has been designed specifically to remedy or prevent environmental issues, and technology that has been produced with sustainability in mind.

How can you as a Digital Generation client make a small change that has a big impact? 

Investigate and promote the buying of technology that is sustainably produced. Look at a brand’s sourcing and manufacturing policies.

Adopt an efficient and sustainable technology mindset, recycle assets within your organisation.

Electronic waste is not only environmentally damaging but also ethically damaging.

Digital Generation can be your sustainable IT partner! From the desktop to the datacentre. We partner with global OEM’s such as HP to drive and support sustainability. HP was the first global IT company to publish its full carbon footprint and set carbon emissions reduction goals for the entire value chain.

An estimated 70% of laptops can be reused, and surprisingly if a new laptop is 10% more energy efficient than your old one, the emissions from its production, distribution, and disposal would take decades to recoup. HP PCs help you do more while using less. Since 2010, HP has reduced the energy consumption of its personal systems by 44%.