DG Supporting Local

A survey conducted by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) revealed that between March and April, 42.2% of the country’s businesses had indicated that they had run out of financial resources to continue operating during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Some of the big named companies that have filed for bankruptcy include :

  • Edcon (Edgars)
  • Comair (Kulula)
  • Divisions of Media24
  • Associated Media Publishing (Cosmo, House & Leisure and many more magazines)
  • Caxton Magazines (People, Food & Home and many more magazines)
  • Prada SA
  • The Gadget Shop
  • Many restaurants and bars

This does not include the local independently owned businesses who employ between 10 to 50 people.

With the Covid-19 outbreak, Digital Generation embarked on our “Work from Home” strategy and not only adapted internally but assisted our clients too.

We created catalogues and sourced products to help our clients in the transition, and in doing so we were able to support a local Johannesburg business.

Do you remember seeing our new product offering : The Pop Up Desk?

On the hunt to make sure Digital Generation were able to offer our clients everything they could possibly need to make working from home easier, we stumbled across this new product and decided to try one out.

We are 3 weeks in and Francois and his team are hard at work in the factory making up desks for our clients!