Digital Generation Partners with Adessa – Making Education Happen

In recognition of the vital role that quality education has to play in creating opportunities for young people and building the next generation of business leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries who will drive South Africa’s future economic growth, DG established an education focused IT sales team called IgnITe Young Minds in 2015. This dedicated team focuses specifically on bringing advanced technology to education institutions and projects with the purpose of igniting South Africa’s youth through digitally enabled education.

The IgnITe Young Minds team was founded on the firm belief, backed by extensive global research, that when you put appropriate technology in the hands of educators, learners and students, subject matter engagement levels increase, accurate assessment is enabled, and overall education outcomes are enhanced.

By leveraging DG’s 21 years of experience in corporate sales and technology lifecycle management, and harnessing our extensive network of leading global OEMs and tech brands – like Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Proline and Mecer – the IgnITe Young Minds team delivers world-leading education-enabling technology to schools and institutions, at highly affordable prices.

More than just product suppliers

Importantly, the DG IgniTE Young Minds offering goes far beyond merely ‘selling’ IT products to education organisations. Our years of experience in the corporate world have shown us the value that can be unlocked when we partner with our clients, and work closely with them to fully understand their changing needs in order to provide them with best advice on which technology is best suited to their unique learning environment and desired outcomes. This same philosophy underpins our education services, and the learning institutions we partner with see DG as a trusted adviser who shares their vision of building better futures through appropriate and accessible digital learning.

We also understand that for most education institutions, especially those that operate on a non-profit basis, budget constraints are a daily challenge. That’s why, DG has flexible rental or financing options, including an innovative rent-to-own structure that puts the latest technology within reach of most organisations, and their learners.

This combination of a partnership based approach, trusted advice-led solutions, and innovative funding models has earned us a place in the Schoolscape 2021 listing of the top 21 companies trusted to provide schools with the best digital products and services at the most accessible prices.

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