How is Digital Generation cementing sustainability values across all business operations??

We recognise that every business will have an effect on the environment. To accomplish our goal of being an industry leader in sustainability, Digital Generation has to lead by example. Our approach to sustainability is a proactive one; we pride ourselves on minimising unnecessary business operations, we believe it is our responsibility to establish innovative and durable solutions to issues that could interfere with our commitment to sustainability.


After the emergence of a global pandemic in early 2020, Digital Generation, much like many other companies, had to find innovate solutions to the social distancing regulations that were implemented in the workplace. Although remote working has been an adjustment, these digital operations have been streamlined and nuanced dramatically. We have seen business productivity prosper in remote working conditions and now believe it to be an opportunity for sustainability. Remote working allows us to our reduce carbon footprints dramatically.

As a company that specialises in digital technology and data, we believe that digital operations are essential for a company that is committed to sustainability. Much like remote working, digitising business operations is also a fantastic means of reducing carbon emissions.

Although Digital Generations is consistently committed to digitising business operations, this is not always a possibility. To continue our commitment to sustainability, we have implemented a variety of recycling programs at the office and within our operational centres. We believe this can have a significant impact on the environment and can be a brilliant way to practice reducing, reusing and recycling for the future.

Part of our sustainability initiative is the implementation of environmentally friendly packaging. Our eco-conscious approach to business operations includes the use of eco-conscious packaging and a very strict paper use policies.

To ensure that we reach all of these sustainability goals, a dedicated team has been commissioned to monitor and measure our sustainability success. Above this, the committee is expected to develop new initiatives and to be continuously working towards sustainability improvements across all business sectors.

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated our trajectory towards a far more digitised world. To be successful in any approach to sustainability, it largely depends on the ability of a business to leverage technology and data for maximum business, environmental and societal benefit.
Sustainability is essential for any business, it is necessary for an organisation to continue into the future as well as to deliver meaningful competitive advantage.

As proven enablers of digitisation, Digital Generation is committed to helping organisations fully integrate both technology and data in all business operations. We plan to do this in a manner that will concrete our positive contributions to a more sustainable world. Our experience in the digital industry allows us to unlock new opportunities for our clients, opportunities to track sustainability initiatives and monitor their environmental and societal impact across value chains.