Is your laptop too slow to keep up with your data-heavy digital workstyle?

Working remotely isn’t a privilege anymore, it’s an integral part of the job. The challenge is that mobile devices like laptops often compromise on performance to be smaller, lighter and more portable. When we’re collaborating with teams across the globe, or working with huge data sets, intense applications, and even just large files, this can become a big problem. There’s nothing more frustrating than a PC that lags and crashes, negatively impacting productivity in a time when it has never been more important. We need workstation performance with notebook portability to power today’s digital life and workstyle.


“The HP ZBook Firefly G9 has been designed with the needs of the digital professional in mind. With the latest latest graphics card and processor technology for amazing performance, the Firefly G9 offers up to 13 hours of battery life to power even the most intense workday. It also comes with impressive RAM and storage capacity, and intelligent features that support mobile and remote collaboration,” says Michelle Harding Budde, Marketing and Sales Specialist at Digital Generation.


Performance for professionals

Mobile working doesn’t have time for compromise, and your technology needs to support this. The HP ZBook Firefly G9 is built on Next-Gen Intel® Core™ Processors with Windows 11 Pro and is powered by HP’s collaboration and connectivity technology for ultimate performance with the peace of mind of superior security.


With up to 64GB of RAM, you’re empowered to run multiple intensive applications simultaneously without slowing the system down, and up to 2TB of onboard storage ensures those large files are always available at the click of a button. For added assurance, the Firefly G9 is also tested, proven and certified by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to deliver peak performance for your key applications.


Work smarter, not harder

One of the challenges with a remote working environment is adapting to online collaboration, because as great as video conferencing is, it’s by no means the same as a face-to-face meeting. When connectivity challenges strike it interrupts the flow of conversation, voices can sound tinny and robotic, and external noises can be hugely distracting. It is also unnatural to sit still in front of a camera – people are dynamic and need to move, but this can be a problem when you’re on a group call and all eyes are on you. HP addresses all these issues with intelligent technology solutions in the Firefly G9.


“HP AutoFrame technology means you don’t have to stay dead still in one place on video calls, because the camera and audio follow you or multiple presenters as they move within the camera’s frame. The Firefly G9 also features AI Noise Reduction that intelligently suppresses background noise, and Dynamic Voice Levelling that optimises voice clarity. These features, alongside support for 5G connectivity so you’re always connected fast, even on the go, help to enable more effective collaboration, no matter where you work,” says Rodger Green, HP Value Specialist.


Partnering with the best

Technology underpins our ability to be effective in the new world of work that we find ourselves in today, but sourcing hardware is an admin-intensive task that’s not in the core skill set for many business professionals. You need a trusted technology partner with the right vendor partnerships to ensure the best pricing and exceptional customer service.


“Digital Generation is an HP Amplified Partner in the categories of Personal Systems and Computing Services Specialist. We’re recognised as HP product experts, and we can help businesses seamlessly and affordably access the full HP offering. When it comes to ensuring efficiency, performance and productivity in a mobile world, we are your partners for success,” Michelle Harding Budde concludes.